Alchemist Services


  • Alchemist Management interacts on a daily basis with the top sports promotions internationally (UFC, Strikeforce, Dream, etc.). The executive team has relationships in place to help secure matchups on top cards. Alchemist is positioned to handle all fighter issues associated with participation in an event, including but not limited to, travel arrangements, accommodations, medical exams, providing additional resources for training camps, and the scheduling of media commitments.


  • Alchemist Management has retained highly-qualified attorneys to review and counsel athletes as it relates to their contract needs. The skilled team will effectively negotiate all business and legal issues related to commercial sponsorships, entertainment contracts, media opportunities, and promotional fight agreements.
  • Alchemist’s ability to successfully negotiate substantial transactions has resulted in greater brand recognition for its clients; and has created partnerships with the world’s leading corporate sponsors.


  • The Alchemist Management mission is to create partnerships between its clients and corporate brands that make a positive contribution to the industry, enhance the livelihoods of the athletes, and add value and exposure for corporate sponsors. Alchemist focuses on aligning clients with both MMA-oriented companies, as well as non-MMA sponsors.
  • MMA continues to grow and has a wide-ranging appeal. Alchemist Management provides a platform for mainstream corporate brands to align themselves with the most marketable mixed martial artists to elevate their brands.


  • Alchemist Management is an entertainment-focused sports management agency located in the heart of the entertainment capital of the world. The executive team has a rich history in music, film, and television. Alchemist is committed to exploring entertainment-based projects for clients that will expand their personal brand and create additional opportunities for them outside of the sport.
  • Clients will have the opportunity to attend red carpet events, take advantage of mainstream media opportunities, and potentially participate in TV projects. Alchemist coordinates such media opportunities for its athletes to help raise their profiles in MMA and the mainstream entertainment press.


  • Professional fighters typically have a limited window of time to compete at the highest level. Therefore, Alchemist provides a referral to a team of financial and wealth managers that have a history of representing MMA competitors. The goal is to help educate the athletes on how to capitalize on their careers through the competent management of their fiscal affairs. The advisors will help create strategies that are tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of each client.
  • Alchemist also creates a platform for its clients once they decide to hang up their gloves. Based on each athlete’s career, the management team focuses on sourcing opportunities in the following areas: becoming a color commentator, obtaining biographical book deals, scheduling speaking and signing appearances, and finding suitable projects in film and television.


  • Alchemist can aid corporations that seek to expand their brand on a national platform through the use of the mixed martial arts industry. Alchemist can devise and implement a strategy that will activate their products through MMA exposure. Each strategy will be specifically tailored to the needs, goals, and objectives of the corporation. Alchemist will create innovative tactics that go beyond sponsoring athletes in competition. It will also focus on the use of social media, digital media, and traditional marketing campaigns in an ever-evolving sports industry.


  • The greatest icons in sports history have always been remembered for what they have done inside, as well as, outside of competition. Once mixed martial artists turn pro, they become public figures within their industry, which comes with greater social responsibility. Alchemist works with athletes that have a strong social consciousness and make an active effort to get involved with philanthropic endeavors. Alchemist not only works with great fighters, but also great people. The Alchemist team is also heavily involved in the non-profit sector. Alchemist executives have worked on a broad range of projects with the charitable organizations listed below, among others.